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  •  Did you know? That the average 5 zone sprinkler system puts out an excess of 2,000 gallons of water each time you run it?
  • Under full pressure, a pin hole size leak (1/32") will lose 9 gallons per hour, and a 3/16" hole which is the approximate diameter of the typical household telephone cord, will lose 318 gallons per hour.
  • A slow dripping faucet or hose bib that fills a cup in 10 minutes wastes 3,280 gallons per year.
  • To properly maintain your irrigation system and avoid costly repairs have it tuned up at least twice each year.
  • Spend to much on Water? Most home owners get charged for sewage based on their water meter usage. Current residential rates run 1 penny per gallon. If you have the average 4-5 zone system you spend around $20 each time it runs.
  • Our efficient pump only consumes .45 cents of electricity for a similar 3 hour run time!
  • Well water is more natural than processed city water. Your landscape will thank-you.

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Storm Drainage Systems: With the heavy rainfall in Florida areas, drainage problems can be a major issue for your property. Ineffective drainage can create breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other dangerous insects, erode your landscaping, and even potentially damage your home! So if you're experiencing a drainage problem in your property, call us today! Our expert drainage professionals can help you resolve your yard's drainage problems. Don't let poor drainage wreak havoc on your home or landscaping: our professionals are here to help. We can help with any type of yard or landscaping drainage, foundation drainage, french drains, trench drains, surface drains and more.
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